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What to expect

Over the years we have recognised the profound importance of creating innovative and extraordinary spaces within the architectural envelope of a project.
Our designs enhance the inherent character of the architecture and location, sympathetically blending the new with the original.
Space planning and how it responds to the diverse lifestyles of our clients is a critical discipline in creating homes made for living and increasing the value of each property.
Our interior design can be done online from the comfort of your home.
How it works

Step 1

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Design Brief

Get started by completing our easy brief. Share photos and inspirational images so we can get to know you and your space.

Step 2

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Collaborate with your designer

We match you with a designer best suited to your style, budget and living situation. Easily chat and swap ideas.

Step 3

Design delivered & shopping list

Your designer will present your final room design with 2D visuals, layout, moodboard, shopping list and plenty of pro styling tips!

Step 4

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Shop your design

We guarantee you'll pay the same price (or less) with us on the suppliers we recommend. You're in safe hands with the best support team for a stress-free shopping experience.

Shop products exclusively

We carefully select a top quality Made in Italy products and make sure design and manufacturing are integral to a long-term vision and respectful to the environment.

We guarantee you’ll pay the same price or up to 40-50% discount, on the suppliers we recommend!

All our recommendations are vetted brands and thoughtfully sourced suppliers that we’d have in our own homes.

From flooring materials to sanitawares, from wallpaper to furnitures all brands manufacturing processes are set up the way to offer a customisation possibility to our clients, which can bring to life the most creative ideas.

Bring the highest standards of quality and excellence in your property, choose Made in Italy!

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